Goldsmithing is an ancient craft to make things, which last.
For me its alchemy, through its links to old traditions and the work with precious materials. Adding the spark of my imagination and creativity im making magic happen.

I adore the fact, that my creation will last longer than me. Within the resistant material my ideas become immortal.. In my opinion fine jewelry is more than just a fashion accessory – what you can get from me is a direct expression of personality. Mine in yours, like friends have thoughts and views in common. So a piece of my soul will become part of your life.

What i do i do by my hands, there is no CAD involved in any part of the process. For this reason my designs remain organic in the meaning of microscopic asymetries, which occur in nature and make natural things as beautiful as they are.

Its a great fortune, that in Germany old traditional crafts are still being maintained in a high grade of professionalism and precision. To be allowed to call myself a goldsmith I had to go 3 years to a fulltime craft-school and graduated nine years ago with craft certificate.

I am absolutely grateful to have gained that kind of high level education as a craftswoman.
My training comprised jewelry designing, drawing and calligraphy, beneath traditional  techniques also mokume gane, enameling, repoussé, engraving, filigree and blacksmithing.

Come around for the annual Wave-and-Gothic-Treffen in Leipzig. You might see the largest crowd of dark dressed weird folks you could have ever imagined!

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